Ski Sheets

SKI SHEETS are a 5-session curriculum book for participants on a ski trip!

Here’s How to Use SKI SHEETS:
1. Contact Holy Moments with your number of participants.
2.Receive the new SKI SHEETS by e-mail.
3.Copy on your favorite paper or with your own logo.
4.Go skiing!
5.Pay e-invoice for just $7.99 per person. (Less than a ski meal!)
6.Enhance the God-focus of your ski trip.

Here is a sample session from SKI SHEETS!

“Where’s God?” by Rev. Brian Hardesty


Ah, there’s nothing like the thrill of getting on the road for a skiing adventure with God: the crisp air, the excited chatter, and the smell of exhaust fumes! I love it! The bags are crammed in, the snacks are busted out, and anticipation is all around- unless, of course, you travel all day or night, in which case the anticipation is coated with a thin layer of fatigue. (Gosh, I just wish I could brush my teeth!)

WHERE’S GOD ON A SKI RETREAT? These sessions can help us see God present and at work: far from home, with new folks, in new ways on a ski trip.

Let’s go skiing! And let’s go with God! There isn’t anywhere we can go where we have to worry about being alone, for God is there. The Bible says so in the awesome Psalms.

READ PSALM 139:7-10.

“Where can I go from your Spirit?… your right hand will hold me fast.”

No matter how far from home you are,

No matter how much space you did or didn’t have in your luggage,

God is here

Eager to be with you

Arms wide open


Enjoy the journey!

1. What have you enjoyed about the trip here?

2. What are your hopes for the journey this week?

3. Today I bumped into God when…

* Action Idea: Today, I’ll help (name) enjoy the journey.

© Copyright 2001 by Brian Hardesty

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